from Silverlight to HTML 5

Most of the portfolio I produced for my PhD was developed using Silverlight, an environment which is now largely obsolete. When I started coding my research, HTML5 was simply incapable of some of the more complex computational audiovisual processes I was developing. So I chose Silverlight because of the power of the underlying .NET platform and my familiarity with the programming environment. Towards the end … Continue reading from Silverlight to HTML 5

the overlooked art of acoustic design

Sound seems to have become the poor relation of modern design. Endless TV programmes and magazines gush on about visual design, their “designers” flouncing around, throwing about with a flourish colours, cushions, fabrics and weird objects apparently sourced from the grot shop. Yet when it comes to sound there seems to be no mention or awareness of design at all. From mumbling actors in TV … Continue reading the overlooked art of acoustic design