London Suite

‘London Suite’ is my latest composition – four movements for solo piano. It’s inspired by London moods, memories, people and places, and a small step away from my more usual synth-based pieces, orchestral imaginary film soundtracks and other London-inspired works, such as East End Stories. It’s also a celebration of the piano, a wonderful instrument. I never grow tired of its melodic, harmonic and percussive … Continue reading London Suite


Back in 2009, a work of mine premiered in February in the city of Leicester (United Kingdom). Its full name is ‘iRemember(it will be)’. It’s an audiovisual work, much of it screen-captured from various programming techniques I was experimenting with as part of my research into improved human-computer interactions with sights and sounds of the past.  It’s a personal exploration of memory: layers of environmental … Continue reading iRemember