One of the original audio-visual pieces I did some years back was Bionodes. Most of you however won’t be able to run it if you click on that link as the original Bionodes uses the largely defunct Microsoft Silverlight environment. Like most of my audiovisual compositions, the work is generated in real time from various computer code I explored and developed during my PhD research. … Continue reading bionodes


Back in 2009, a work of mine premiered in February in the city of Leicester (United Kingdom). Its full name is ‘iRemember(it will be)’. It’s an audiovisual work, much of it screen-captured from various programming techniques I was experimenting with as part of my research into improved human-computer interactions with sights and sounds of the past.  It’s a personal exploration of memory: layers of environmental … Continue reading iRemember

the overlooked art of acoustic design

Sound seems to have become the poor relation of modern design. Endless TV programmes and magazines gush on about visual design, their “designers” flouncing around, throwing about with a flourish colours, cushions, fabrics and weird objects apparently sourced from the grot shop. Yet when it comes to sound there seems to be no mention or awareness of design at all. From mumbling actors in TV … Continue reading the overlooked art of acoustic design