This covers various of my research interests – from programming Phidgets and Kinect, to palimpsests and sonic design to developments in technology including those impacting the way that government and our public services can be redesigned.

PhD Portfolio

You can explore my PhD portfolio here. The word “composition” is used in this portfolio in the wider sense that Mark Canter envisages, namely as combining

… all forms of media, orchestrating fragments of graphics, animation, and text, in juxtaposition with sound and musical passages, into a single artwork.


Conference Papers

short paper (PDF) and poster (JPG), “Interactive Computer Visualisations of Time and Place”, on some of the graphics aspects of my research, were presented at the UK chapter of the Eurographics Association’s ninth Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics Conference (TP.CG.2011) in Warwick, September 2011.

A paper, Palimpsests of Time and Place (PDF), detailing aspects of my research, was presented at COMPSAC 2011, the IEEE Signature Conference on Computer Software and Applications in Munich, July 2011.


An overview of some of the techniques and compositions developed for my doctoral portfolio. Requires sound.

Additional insights into techniques and compositions. Requires sound.

An overview of alternative interfaces prototyped and evaluated, including sonar sensing to manipulate sound and image. Requires sound.