homes and social mobility

As part of my research portfolio, in around 2010 I composed an audiovisual piece exploring all the places I’ve lived in my life. I wasn’t able to get images of them all (some have been demolished, as has my old south London comprehensive – thank god!), but there were still 16 for which I managed to get some sort of image.  I was surprised just … Continue reading homes and social mobility

another london

I’ve been working on updating my apps “London Explorer” and “London Streets” and thought it’d be a good idea to create a short video of some of the images of people from an earlier London. Having done this, I composed some music to go with it. This is the result. (My apps “London Explorer” and “London Streets” are available in the AppStore and Google Play) Continue reading another london

London Suite

‘London Suite’ is my latest composition – four movements for solo piano. It’s inspired by London moods, memories, people and places, and a small step away from my more usual synth-based pieces, orchestral imaginary film soundtracks and other London-inspired works, such as East End Stories. It’s also a celebration of the piano, a wonderful instrument. I never grow tired of its melodic, harmonic and percussive … Continue reading London Suite


One of the original audio-visual pieces I did some years back was Bionodes. Most of you however won’t be able to run it if you click on that link as the original Bionodes uses the largely defunct Microsoft Silverlight environment. Like most of my audiovisual compositions, the work is generated in real time from various computer code I explored and developed during my PhD research. … Continue reading bionodes


Back in 2009, a work of mine premiered in February in the city of Leicester (United Kingdom). Its full name is ‘iRemember(it will be)’. It’s an audiovisual work, much of it screen-captured from various programming techniques I was experimenting with as part of my research into improved human-computer interactions with sights and sounds of the past.  It’s a personal exploration of memory: layers of environmental … Continue reading iRemember

from Silverlight to HTML 5

Most of the portfolio I produced for my PhD was developed using Silverlight, an environment which is now largely obsolete. When I started coding my research, HTML5 was simply incapable of some of the more complex computational audiovisual processes I was developing. So I chose Silverlight because of the power of the underlying .NET platform and my familiarity with the programming environment. Towards the end … Continue reading from Silverlight to HTML 5