One of the original audio-visual pieces I did some years back was Bionodes. Most of you however won’t be able to run it if you click on that link as the original Bionodes uses the largely defunct Microsoft Silverlight environment.

Like most of my audiovisual compositions, the work is generated in real time from various computer code I explored and developed during my PhD research. A series of circular nodes of various sizes are dynamically generated and move themselves around the screen. Each of these ‘bionodes’ has ‘gravity’ and when passing near to another bionode, they become attracted to each other, changing their opacity and trajectories, and leaving a series of ghostlines in the background as a memory of their interaction. Once free of each other’s gravity, they resume their original opacity and move on, until they interact once again with other bionodes.

I’ve now ported the bionodes code into HTML5. I haven’t tested it extensively yet, so it may have some strange behaviours, and possibly hang, since it’s fairly computationally intensive. Neither have I added my associated audio to this HTML5 version – yet! I’ll be doing some more work on it in the future to ensure it’s stable and to restore it to a full, realtime audiovisual work.

You can explore the silent port of this work by clicking on the image below.

UPDATE 22nd December 2018: I’ve now incorporated my audio. It may not work in all browsers however. So far it seems to be fine in Firefox and Brave on my Mac, but not with Safari or Chrome. I’ll do some more investigation when I get time.

bionodes (HTML5 edition)

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