Back in 2009, a work of mine premiered in February in the city of Leicester (United Kingdom). Its full name is ‘iRemember(it will be)’. It’s an audiovisual work, much of it screen-captured from various programming techniques I was experimenting with as part of my research into improved human-computer interactions with sights and sounds of the past. 

It’s a personal exploration of memory: layers of environmental sounds (children, birds, the sea) and half-recollected ambiences and music from the past interweave with more ambiguous sounds (digital clocks marking the passing of time, or medical machines measuring the existence of life?) and meanings (what sort of ‘stroke’ is being spoken about?), as well as a mix of images, some of which may or may not be from my past. And are the sounds and images we hear and see real or simulated …?

I thought I’d put the piece online on YouTube and share it here. At least it still works, unlike some of my code from that time!

The piece was designed for large screen projection and amplified surround audio in an auditorium – so it’s best experienced full screen and with hi-fi headphones if possible to get some vague approximation of what I was trying to achieve.

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